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We Are Your Trusted Testing and PPE Supplier

From Educational Institutions, Local Government to Federal Service, we lead the way in the procurement and logistics of sterile, effective and available testing, PPE and medical supply. 

Welcome to BLVD Medical

Providing best-in-class services for securing, transporting and delivering medical PPE and testing solutions.

It is our mission to be the go to source for wholesale and customized PPE and medical testing solutions. We offer a refined set of services that connect those in need to easy to access, vetted vital equipment in times of crisis.

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Why Choose Us

We Are Leaders In Testing and Vetted PPE Sourcing

As the world adapts to it’s new normal. We are present, flexible and ready to aid organizations in their journey to establishing a safe and sterile environment. 

Quality Control

Our sterilization programs operate at the manufacturer level. You know when you purchase PPE from Blvd Medical, you are getting an honest to goodness pure sterile product.

Smart Technology

Our bio testing platforms utilize state-of-the-art software that allows access at every touch point. From public and group based testing to private and high level secure situations, we offer clear, precise and secure data delivery via the web, apps for smartphone, and portals.

Our Services

Industry Solutions. Trusted Partnerships.

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Our Process

The Way We Work


Each and every single product we deal with at Blvd is investigated at the manufacturer level. Sterilization routine and testing is completed before transactions are considered. Your products will be vetted and ensured to be genuine.


While deeply connected to various full service logistics companies serving all of North America. We offer all types of shipping options, including FTL, LTL, flat-bed and refrigerated. Your sterilized product is moved efficiently, safely, and in compliance.


If our clients are in need of assistance. We are there to stand behind them. Need to have products sterilized? We can help. Need to administer a large testing session? We can help. We are here to assist with every aspect and scenario involved with the purchase, distribution and administration of what we sell. We are here. Now. For you.


Partner With Us

We believe in the safety, education, support and success of all those that we work with and for. If you are interested in finding out how we can assist you, please Make an Appointment with our team. 

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